I'm Looking to buy a new guitar rite?
right now ive got this crappy epiphone les paul. i have a budget of about 400 bux, i want a guitar that best suited to play heavy metal, like a schecter sound. I'm using a line 6 spider 2 112 as my amp.

If i want to a store instead of buying online, i culd trade my les paul in for store credit. boosting me to about 600 dollars budget, o and I'm in Canada, so my money is much less than what they use on musiciansfriend.com. Thanks in advance!
^ $600 Canadian isn't going to get you that much This is especially true because ordering online is near impossible. If you like Schecter, you MIGHT be able to get somethign like a C-1 Artist or C-1 +, but that is a bit of a stretch (Shocking isn't it). anything by Ibanez in that range (IMO) is junk cause of the crappyness of the pickups and the trems (on the ones that have trems). Good luck with your search!!
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lol, nice sig onemanarmy. yeah, online ordering is impossible for me especially, theres like, one candian online store. and it sucks. Oh yeah my friend told me Esp actuall makes decent metal guitar, ive always seen them as a no name company, is it tru?