Hi guys,

I am planning on buying the Line 6 GuitarPort pretty soon, so I can play guitar on my computer, and so I can record with Audacity. I am new at recording, never done it before.
My PC specs are OK:

AMD Athlon64 3800+ at 2.4GHZ
Windows XP SP2
160GB hardrive
logitech x-230 2.1 speakers

The worst thing is my soundcard. It's just an onboard realtek AC97 card on an Abit motherboard. Yes, I know it's bad, I've looked around a bit, heard really bad reviews. The problem is I am totally broke right now (totally), especially after I buy Guitarport. There's no way I can afford even a cheap sound card right now, but I probably could in a couple months.

I already know about the good cards out there, all I need to know is about the realtek.

To anyone who has used the realtek ac97 for home recording, can I at least get decent quality recordings with guitarport+audacity? I'm not looking for professional quality, but I was wondering how well the realtek card will do for recording. BTW, I've never had any lagging, static or audio problems on my pc (programs like reason, fl studio work flawlessly).

the guitar port will be your soundcard.

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Nothing wrong with the AC`97 for recording, I use it and its fine. You will definately be able to get a decent recording from guitarport/audacity once you figure it all out and balance the input levels etc. Also, get ASIO drivers to minimise latency in recording (if you use VST plugins etc). www.asio4all.com
The guitarport replaces your soundcard input.

I would just get a real mic interface though personally.
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I also use the AC'97 for recording, sure it's not top of the line but it places a decent sound out.

A USB interface would be a great option, look in the direction.
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Thanks for the info, guys. As long as it's decent, that's all that matters.
I'll use the realktek ac'97 when I get guitarport, at least until I get a better soundcard.
Yeah, I have an Ac97 as well, I'm wondering is there a way to make it so your mic is more responsive cause I used to run my microphone through an SP10 and into my computer and that usually controlled about responsive the mic was, but the SP10 broke and I can't record my guitar and ect with just the mic cause it's not responsive enough. Any tips?
i would get a ux1 or ux2 instead
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