Hi everyone,

I have been playing guitar for about 6 months now and i dont really like the sound im getting from my guitar. It was my first guitar and its a Epiphone G-400. I bought it because i like to play AC/DC type things but have found that since i started playing my tastes have changed. I was thinking about changing the pickups out to get more of a Trivium, Bullett For My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold type lead tone. I have a few pedals that i tried to see if i could get a similar tone with my guitars current setup but i just cannot get the cutting lead tone out of my guitar. What pickups do you think would be best to get a similar tone? My amp is a Vox Valvetronix AD50VT. Some of the pedals i have are a Visual Sound Jekyle and Hyde, a Boss DS-2 Distortion pedal, and a Boss TU-2 Tuner Pedal.

Do you think that changing the pickups would be worth the effort or would it be a waste on this guitar? I really like the shape and style of the SG bodies so i thought it would be cool to get the tone i want out of it.

Thanks For All the Help!!
You could try something like a set of EMGs such as an EMG 81 for the bridge and an EMG 85 for the neck (the ZW set $150 USD). Dimarzio Evolutions are good tight agressive sounding pickups. You could try a Seymour Duncan George Lynch Screamin Demon, a Dimebucker, a Bill Lawrence L500XL, a Seymour Duncan JB. All good bridge pickups for that hot lead tone. Hope that helps. Sorry if it doesn't...
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you see , most people go through this , they go out buy loads of pedals , mods and sh*t like that , when you should be creating your own sound , not trying to use other peoples , however i have , avenged sevenfolds amp settings , if you want them , infact there is a amp settings thread in one of the other forums im sure someone can link it , plus maybe if you really want there sounds , go for like a mid-high gain , low middle , and high , treble and bass , to get that sort of new metal sound and try your bridge humbucker and back-off on your tone and try drop d , or even c ,
Im not really going for their exact sound i just want a lead tone and i cant seem to get a cutting lead tone from the guitar, seems like everything that comes out of it sounds muddy and its hard to distinquish each note.
well then if your going for a lead tone then , tone 0 , volume 10 on your guitar , bridge humbucker , gain on like a 5 , bass low , and treble high (because treble is the high end of eq) and also low mids , basically boost your treble , and lower bass and gain , the more bass and gain the more muddy is gonna get unless you level it out with the mids , go check the amp settings thread and try some of there settings til you find something you like