How do you reduce the slapping noise made when playing bass by your picking fingers without reducing the compressor to where its not doing anything. I know hitting them lighter works and Im sure cuting some frequencies would be best but Im not aware of which ones to try? Also I noticed some live bands where you here the slapping noise really good, and it doesn't sound to bad, should I really be caring that much about it for live playing??

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uhm... what did you say? because i think you said, how do i reduce the slapping noise when i finger pick....
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^slaping noise as in actualy hearing your fingers hit the strings I believe.
Beyond turning down the treble I do not know.
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Slapping noise? There are two things I can interpret this as:

1. You play fingerstyle and it sounds like slap bass. Turn down your highs and mids a bit.
2. You have fret buzz. Adjust your action a little.
Dont try and cancel it out. If you do your bass will sound incredibly muddy. When playing on your own the slapping sound does sound bad but when playing in a band situation or live, its a godsend because you can hear yourself over everthing, The slapping as you call it , cuts through the mix.

In fact i enhance the sound by increasing my mids and treble, Steve harris of maiden and Geddy lee of rush both do this.

The sound is natural when playing with fingers. Alot of bass players DESIRE the sound. Its not a bad thing.

Of course if its genuine fretbuzz then that is a problem and you need your bass setup.
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