i really want to sound like carl barat but i dont have a clue how to figure his gain mids trbles and bass

i have a gibson melody maker and a fender blues deville

any tips
I use completely different gear to you but i find that the following eq settings work okay.

(In o'clock)
Gain- 1
Treble- 3/4
Middle- 2
Bass- 10

Can't really say about gain though cos i am using the ac30tb channel on a vox ad30vt, were as you are using an all tube fender. Generally gain should be about just over half or at half though.

Hope that helps mate!

By the way how much did you pay for your melody maker?
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its an old 1959 i paid £1,150 yeh i copied of carl haha its real nice though wasnt in the greatest conditions and was bought off a friend so i think it was rather cheap

sounds good setting though
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