is there anyone to get a medium gain recto sound out one of my pedals. i have a boss ds-1 and a marshall gov'nor plus. i know you cant replicatethere sound but i bet i could get close could someone give me settings? thanks
what is your main distortion pedal?
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use your main distortion pedal with as much gain as you can, then use your second one as a boost
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your playing it through an AVT...there will be no comparing the sound!

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Just play with the settings until you get what you like. You won't be getting a recto sound with a pedal though.
I have a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone distortion pedal and a Boss GE-7 EQ pedal and it gets somewhere close to a rectifier sound, but not exact.
The only ways, IMO, to get any kind of Recto sound is to either Have a Recto, or get a modeling amp/pre-amp that has a Recto setting...