itll work, but youll only get 60 watts of power coming form it
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If you got an output on your amp, then yeah, sure.

Cabinets to very much work with combo amps.
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your amp should have a line out in order for that to work, and its ohms should match the cabs ohms. i dont think it would work, because i doubt the cube60 can push out enough power to power all four speakers, i think u should look into 2x12 cabs instead, thats more likely to work

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really???? what can i do to make it sound real loud??

buy a head that matches the watts of the cab.
or an amp that matches it
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this is what my amp has:

Recording/Phones output, Line out, Tuner out, and Ext Speaker out
Output: 60W
Power Comsumption : 60w

can somebody find me a cabinet online that would work nicely with the amp?? so its liek REA REAL LOUD!! thnks
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buy a ****ing head or a 100 watt amp to use as a head
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I reccomend getting a Fender cabinet or just getting rid of the Roland cube and getting a Fender or a Marshall