I really wanna learn some cool jazz style stuff.Really obscure kinda stuff.Even if you gave me the names of a few musicans and their tabs of something.
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I really wanna learn some cool jazz style stuff. Really obscure kinda stuff. Even if you gave me the names of a few musicans and their tabs of something.
Tabs might get you started on the path to jazz, but to really get anywhere in this genre you're going to have to bite the bullet and learn to read standard notation, in my opinion.
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For everything you need to know - gpb0216.
Wes Montgomery, Miles Davis, Joe Pass, and why not listen to some BB King, and blues like Albert King.
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Well i'm pretty much screwed then!....na seriously though i'm noy looking to become an amazing jazz musican or anything i just wanna learn so cool jazz.
Standard notation isn't hard to learn. Check out the jazz lessons on this site and many liken it to blues at several points ( you get 12 bar chord progressions in both for example ). Learn more altered chords ( dominant 7ths, major 7ths and beyound ), and get used to using the modes more and try improvising more.
Yep, like someone above said, you will need to throw away the numbers, and say hello to the black dots known as standard notation!

Joe Pass, Chick Corea, Miles Davis, Lenny Breau, Dave Brubeck..... There are many guys you could check out.

I don't really get your question though, you know the names, and are on a tab site. Is your question answered?
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jazz is a huge genre. just asking 'what cool jazz could i learn' is a huge question!
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join jazz band in school as the guitarist (if u have it) u learn alot of messed up **** but the great thing is so much room for improvising u dont have to memorize too much or learn to be amazing at shaped notes
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