Hi, i have really really bad pains in my shoulder, bicep and forearm muscles when playing guitar. It does this even when i play slow. I check 2 see if i'm playing with tension all the time but i'm not. I play from the wrist and don't move anything else, but i still get the pains. I compared tensing my arm and relaxing and i'm definently relaxed when playing, cos i keep concentrating on it and feel it as i'm playing and theres no tension. However i still get this really annoying pain that feels like i've bin doin weight training or summet and i get tingling sensations thru my arm. Does n e 1 av n e answers plz ?
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you probably are tense and dont realise it just loosen your arm up and dont just play with your wrist. it could be from playing for long periods of time or playing really fast but i doubt its that
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You're just giving your arm a workout. Eventually once your arm gets stronger and used to playing you'll be fine. Also, try all you can not to tense up.

If you're getting tingling, also pay attention to where your arm is resting above your wrist. You may be cutting off a nerve to your wrist.