I thinking about buying the Marshall AVT150HX and matching cabinet. I already have a Marshall G80RCD which I am really happy with, the AVT is just the next step up.

I can't afford an all valve or I would go for that, but I was hoping to hear from owners of the AVT150HX to hear their opinions. I have seen a lot of views on other sites form both owners and those who have tried them out, but owners have had the chance to really put this thing through it's paces, so any comments would be appreciated.

^You can, for the price of an AVT you can get a used Marshall all valve or a new Laney vavle amp,
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i have an AVT50.... not as bad as everyone says and there way better then an mg. an avt was my 1st marsall wich was a huge step up for me. id say he only thing that makes um not so good is the price.
avt's are crap. that's all I'm gonna say.
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