One course

He stole everything from me and you
But I just torched the picture so the memory to
And what the hell does that really mean to me
Owe well, who really gives a damn about you and me

One course
Hate is love?s only course

In the perfect circle your face is found
He ran you over and cut open a fatal wound
Your flexibility makes you move every way
From the street to the morgue as a pile of decay

One course
Death is a humans only course

We broke the shell, came close to hell?
Put something were it didn?t belong
Its our home that we?re treating wrong
Lets kill our mom, lets sing a song

Lalalala lalalala lalala la laaaa

One course
Destruction is this worlds only course
what's with the "let's kill our mom, lets sing a song" part? the rest of it was okay, but that part really threw me off. it's kinda harsh.
With mom I mean "mother" earth, lets sing a song stands for ignorance... owe well