I have a similar thread in GB&C but there hasn't been a lot of response, I thought it might be better off in the guitar forum itself.

I've got a strat with a SHH Setup. SC stock pickup in the neck, DiMarzio Chopper in the Middle, and DiMarzio Virtual Vintage in the bridge.

I've been trying to get rid of a grounding problem and eliminate some noise caused by it. I've shielded the inside. I've connected all the grounds to a solder tab which i connected to the screw on the switch. I've removed the braid going across the 3 pots. The tremelo claw ground wire is connected to the shielding and then to the rest of the grounds. I've also cleaned up all the wiring replacing virtually all the stock wiring with higher quality wire, and I've also gone as far as to heat shrink the wires from the pickups to clean up all the wiring. The 5-Way switch also broke while beeing worked on and has been replaced.

To my ear I beleive that everything is actually much noisier, and the grounding problem still exists. It has been about 4 days since I took the guitar apart and I'm questioning my ear on how much noisierit actually is. But I do know it is definately noisier.

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated, as I do not want to put strings back on the guitar and start tuning it up and getting it back into order untill I know everything is working better.
try www.guitarnut.com They have great diagrams on how to rewire your Strat to make the ground much safer and to remove a lot of noise. It could also be poor quality soldering work on your part. I had that with my Strat (all humbuckers) until I rewired it for a second time.
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I followed that straight through already and it didn't work out. the diagrams were very confusing and the diagrams and schematics were different. I ended up trying this digram instead http://ratcliffe.co.za/articles/hotrodstrat4.shtml. But I had already done the guitarnuts mod and I'm little confused. I just don't get how modifying the ground from the original wiring can solve anything since it's all beeing grounded, how can there be a loop if its not going anywhere.
they're talking about grounding things to pots...basically, it's just more opportunity for there to be noise.
Hi, I'm Peter
I'm no longer grounding anythning to the pots. In the guitarnuts method you arent grounding anywhere which is what I'm not getting.
Interesting. What kind of switch are you using? The standard issue or a custom 26 pole?
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Hmm...because my noise problems came from poor soldering of the pickup wires onto the switch. Umm... Are your coil tapping wires properly wrapped and taped up?
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Theyre taped up and I've heat shrunk wrapped all the pickups wires with teh coil tap wires hidden away in the shrinking.
Wow...umm... I'll tell ya...I'm at a bit of a loss. Any way you can get some decent pics?
Hi, I'm Peter
Hmm looks like a jungle in there...Anyways, i've followed the guitarnuts diagram and all and it worked fine for me, well not 100% but i can tell the difference that its more quiet. I've got couple of questions for ya:

- Have you tried grounding it a 0.33uf (400V) capacitor?
- If that is aluminum tape, did you properly fold it over so that everything is connected and in place?

And if i were you i'd insulate the pots just to make sure that the back of it doesnt touch anything, and insulate any wire piece/solder piece thats showing coz now you have the aluminum foils to worry about. Also, its always good to let an aluminum strip to go far off a bit above the pickup cavity so that the shielded cavity connects with the pickguard's shielding (stick the foil nearest to a screw to ensure proper connection).

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