I wasn't too sure if this went here, I didn't see it in the tutorials, but it can just be moved if I'm wrong.

Anyways, I have no problem using fruity loops, but I have the free version, so I usually start recording a track in audacity and then press play on Fruity Loops, but it sounds awful. Is there any way to do it with better quality without registering?

Thanks in advance.
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well it could be your equipment... if you're using a mic it may be better to just plug direct from your amp into your mic port on your computer, you could also change the sample rate on your recording, that might help
how are you hooking everything up and what are you trying to do exactly? like record whats playing in FL to audacity? i can do that pretty easily with decent quality. it sounds like thats what you are trying to do, so ill tell you how i do it.

step 1: attach the guitar to the computer. i run my guitar into my m-audio fast track, which goes to a USB port. works well for me, just let me know how you are doing it and ill help you with this part to get it to work right.

step 2: set up Fruity Loops. ok, i use ASIO4ALL as my asio driver for this. it is free and works well. if you have one you are happy with, keep it. if not, try this one. go to options -> audio settings. go into the asio pannel. i set it so the only input enabled is the fast track, and the only output enabled is my soundcard. then go to the mixer, and select channel 1. for the input select your input (fast track for me) and the output is master. the master should output to your soundcard. same thing if all you are doing is just playing the track in FL without playing the guitar as input.

step 3: set up audacity. make sure that the input device for audacity is your soundcard. then choose the stereo mix as to where it records from. this way when FL exports the the soundcard, audacity picks it up and records it from there.

tips: is your sound clipping in audacity to make it sound bad? like is the wave getting clipped off at the top and bottom? if so lower the master volume of FL so it doesnt send as loud a signal to the soundcard. also, you can export as an mp3 in the demo, which is probably easier than all of this. you should just be able to import the mp3 into audacity as an audio track. i really wish i thought of that before i typed all of this, but oh well.
Thanks jof1029, I tried the whole mini tutorial, but then ended up exporting it as an mp3, now I feel sort of dumb for not realizing I had that as on option before.
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well you can imagine how i felt after typing all of that then realizing all you had to do was export it since it was a pre-programmed thing. the other is a great way to play the guitar into FL and record it. since its too late to use my amp, thats what im doing at the moment. its just fun to play around with all the effects and such. plus, headphones and not pissing people off who are trying to sleep is a brilliant move.

uh, so anyway, back to what i originally wanted to say. i assume you are programing some drums and then sending them to audacity to mix with your guitar? if thats the case, i would recomend you try it the other way around. record the guitar and export it to a track in FL where you can do more stuff mixing wise. to do this, export your recorded audio to a place you can find it. then in FL go to channels, add one, audio track. right click the new channel and go to load sample. find where you saved your audio track to, and load it. you can now pain that on to the bottom part of the playlist just like you would the patterns in the top half. if you export each guitar, bass, and vocal part (or whatever) that youve recorded separatly, then you can set them each to different channels and have more mixing capabilities than in audacity. i can go into more depth with this if you are interested.