Try looking for a similar Fender and check their wiring diagrams for that model. The diagrams are on their website under support, I believe.
haha, good guitars, but quality control scares me, would have to go custom shop if i ever bought one. But yeah, are those schemscloser to what your looking for?
You're an idiot if you can't find that on the Duncan site. And if you really can't, you gotta be more specific. What kinda 3 way? What kind/brand of pickups?
These go to eleven...
Whoa lets not get offensive jim, I looked on there looking for 2 pickups (not humbuckers) 1 tone 2 volume 1 basic three-way, and they didnt have that spacific thing. I looked through the drop down things and couldnt find it, which dosnt make me an idiot.
humbuckers/not humbuckers, it doesnt make too much difference aslong as the humbucker one isnt showing coil split
they look like some really vintage single coils or some really strange soapbar type things, but the capacitor as far as im aware there is no fixed value, you just adjust it to taste, and unless im wring those are 2 wire so you can just use single coil or 2 wire humbucker diagrams. and then ask someone else about the right cap value, or go out and buy a few of the sugegsted ones, beacause theyre like a few cents each and then just try them out to find out how you like it.
Yeah this guitar is VERY vintage. Theres absolutely nothing on i at all, Ive found a few pictures of its brother, a much newer model with 6 pots and 4 pickups, but its nowhere near the same. Nobody at GC or other guitar places have ever heared of this guitar either, it makes me feel special. I should take it to antiques roadshow.

Anyways back on topic, can I just ignore the white and green wires on the humbucker setups and ittle work the same?
yeah, the wires that get taped up, just ignore them.
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