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Is this something that can be put on any guitar? What would I have to do to set that up? I know most people killswitch by having 2 volume knobs and then turn one down but Buckethead only has 1 volume knob on his gibson. The guitar i'd want to do it to is an LTD MH-400

So can it be done?
Buckethead uses a push-button can install one, but you'd either have to do without a volume control or a tone knob or drill another hole in the guitar between the volume and tone control. It can be done.
Does drilling a hole in your guitar take away from the overall tone? Is there any guides on doing this? Or somewhere I can go for help?
no- it doesnt suck tone

but there will be a whole in you guitar.....

i actually did this idea on my jackson- cept i have 3 om/off switches , one for each pup- whih i like alot.

simply drill a whole for the pot- and wire it up- just be careful and dont go to fast, you could mess up the finish
A small hole would have really no affect on anything. Just be sure you're committed because once there's a whole in your guitar, it's either a killswitch or an eyesore.
Go for it, though. It sounds like a cool idea.
Ok, so what kind of switch should I use? Isn't bucketheads one where you push it in? Or is his just a normal switch that you flick?
Ok, so, how do I wire this then? Am I supposed to take the wire that comes from the pickup and snip it and then hook the killswitch up to that? Cause all it is is basically cutting out the sound right?
you don't want to snip the wire, you just buy two new wires, solder them to two of the tabs on the volume pot (i can't remember which tabs). send those wires to the switch, and you may be able to send a wire from the switch to the ground.
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So, i'll still have full control of my volume knob and the kilswitch will work for both pickups right?
Also, can someone just link me to a site with the switch that i'm talking about? A push button one? Does ti have to be a certain type of push button switch?
^ now idk- but if i was me i would cut the sound off when fromt he line that comes from the pots to the output jack- because then you dont have to worry about mixing the pup signals- its just one wire- ya know?
just take an spst push-button switch, wire a wire from the hot signal to one of it's lugs, and another to ground. simple. you can get all the stuff you need at radioshack
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Man, can someone rig up a quick paint diagram or something lol?
Ok, so i'm goin to radioshack, I need to buy the SPST switch and like, 12'' of wire?
here ya go man

edit- a little small- ill make a bigger one

k- you cut the white wire from the pot- and solder it onto a the left or right lug

add a wire to the middle lug and ground it to the ground connections on your pots

now solder the white wire to the lug untouched- and it should be good

i say choose either lug- cuz it all works the same- but if yor button is a switch- like a togle- it could work better one way- or it it sticks down at all- you can switch the outer lugs wires around to your liking-

there ya go- got it?
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Yea, thanks for all the help guys, if I run into problems i'll just ask.
I'm thinkin I should practice on my ibanez first, incase I **** something up. Does it work the same for a guitar with H/S/S?
yes, it's all the same.

The easiest way to do it would be to get a push-button (momentary or toggle, doesn't matter), SPST (two posts). Connect one post to the hot tip of the jack, and the other post to the ground of the jack (or back of pot etc.). That's possibly the easiest way to do it.
yeah, that schematic posted is more complicated than it needs to be (lol, doesn't mean much when it's still that simple)
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you guys are on crack- its cutting w wire- and soldering 3 pieces of wire- and it all depends on the switch he gets-

ifs its a spsp then you can attach the 2 wires to the same lug- and the ground to the middle- if not- i think thats how it has to be
so if its to complicated- show me the diagram you would use? im curios as to wat your sayin
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Not complicated at all, Mine's a little simpler is all.

well- looking at it- your pups will not be activated- as you have no pup wires coming into the switch?
haha thats would just have a useless switch on your guitar that goes to nothing
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So I solder 2 wires to the 2 lugs of the switch. Then take the end of one and attach it to the volume control and the end of the other one grounds to what?
^ ok, here we go cuz some dick head ****ed your idea up and ruined my directions

cut the white wire from you jack and solder it to the outisde lug, both of them to the same lug.

now attach a wire to the middle lug- and ground it out from where ever you guitar is grounded- find a common ground wire and solder it to it. ie- the black wire from the jack works- or where ever that wire is odlered to works as well
have you drilled the hole yet?....put masking tape on the body then draw an "x" where u want to will also absorb some stress put on the paint that can make it chip... and listen to tongue untied he has the right directions
Ok, after much confusion I finally got it. I didn't drill holes or anything yet, this was just practice. For future notice to anyone else:

-Cut the white wire that connects to the middle lug of the volume pot and the output jack.
- Take the ends where you just cut and solder both of those to 1 of the lugs on the push-button.
-Now you should have 1 free lug on your push-button, solder a piece of wire to that, then solder the other end to the volume pot.

That worked for me. I alos found a good guide for doing this:

It's the same thing that Tongue Untied said, so thanks a lot for your help.

I just bought a push-button that was to small so I need to go buy another one tomorrow and then I will drill the whole and put it through, it'll probably go in between the Volume and Tone knobs to save me from any extra work.

Edit: I'll take pics of it the final product to, the guitar is contoured though so the button will be on a weird angle, unlike Bucketheads on his Les Paul.
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^ right on man, i was just trying to help. sometimes people **** up good advice though, lol

and when your drill the whole- use the drill in reverse till your thru the finish- and use a piece of tape over where the whole will be to keep finish cracking to a minimum
i pretty much have nothing to contribute to this post, but id liek to tell u that u have an amazingly beautiful guitar
Thanks, I totally dig it to. It wasn't set up very nice from the factory and cost me some money to fix that but it was still worth it. That Floyd Rose also stays in tune wonderfully so far. We'll see how well it does over a period of a few years.

Also, if someone could look over those directions just to make 100% sure that they are correct (i'll double check tomorrow) then you should probably put them in a post and sticky them. It's incredibly easy and doesn't require another thread.
The first diagram was right so if u follow that you can't go wrong (well anything can go wrong, trust me-i know!)
My guitar has 2 volume knobs, pretty much every guitar i have owend has 2 volume knobs becuse i like the tone you get from mixing the 2 p/u's with one of them at a particular volume so if i wanna make a k/sw i just turn one of the p/u's off.

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Sorry to bump this thread but i'm still nto sure whether or not I should go ahead with this on my good guitar. First of all, is there any way to drill the whole without cracking my finish? Also, the body of the guitar is contoured and I don't want the Killswitch to be on an akward angle, is there a simple way to counter that problem?
alas another buckethead fan, the button is slightly larger then the hole for pot, u r gonna have to drill anyway,
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Yea but will the drilling **** up my finish no matter what or can you pull it off without it messing up the finish?
idk i dont care about finnish i usualy sand all the finnish off, or have it all scratched up cuz thats how i roll......but i think u will be fine
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I think drilling from any side is going to crack the finish. Use the smallest bit possible, tape the guitar up repeatedly and drill with a really high speed. If you went really over board, you could do it how the volume/tone controls are recessed into my Aria. You drill the whole through the body, then you drill a larger hole from the top while the guitar is lying flat. You get a flat surface you can mount things on.
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you could always get a professional to drill the hole for you - that way if they **** up the finish they have to fix it
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