As the title states, I need help reading the chord tabs. I listen to my songs and see the chords provided and they sound nothing like the song when I play them. Any tips, perhaps it's my strumming pattern, I don't know. Please, any help would be appreciated.
What songs are you talking about? And maybe your guitar is out of tune or something?
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Well, lets learn through example shall we?

A chord that looks like 320033, which is a G, so the first number in there, 3 means the 3rd fret of the E string (the fattest one), and then the second number is the 2nd fret of the A string, and so on and so on.

Now, if its one where you roll over your mouse and it looks like this


When you roll over the chord letter and get that (above) then think of it as an upside down fret board, its still a G, and unless the diagram says otherwise or your using a capo, the 1st fret on the diagram is the 1st fret on your guitar.

If you weren't reading the chord wrong, either your supposed to be using a capo, the song is in a different tuning, or your guitar is out of tune.

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