I recently came into some guitar parts, and decided to make a custom tele. Its made from spare parts, all of which worked fine before hand.

The problem is that every time we wire a pickup, be it Bucker or single, we cant stop the signal from the pup to every position. we tried with 2 selectors(1 3-way,1 5-way),but the problem still persists, its grounded, and we tried 2 different sets of pots. We allready wired it before hand, but a little of the bridge bled through, but it sounded thin and tinny. We have and are looking for more wiring diagrams.

If anyone can help me, i would much appreciate it.
Its bleeding through as in you can still hear the bridge in the neck position.

Update, we've rewired it many times using home and offical schematics, nothing's working
can you put it in the neck position and tap the bridge with something metal, like a string and hear a tapping noise?
Yes, its wierd, H/S tele style, No matter what we do, we cant get it to stop from activating on the neck position, and also the neck dies out on the middle position

EDIT: Also im still looking for a H/S Wiring Diagram and fenders website doesnt have the right kind. Bucker=bridge
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