and want to get it as close to sounding like Slash as possible, what would be some good options for pickups to upgrade to compared to the originals? I'm hoping to stay around $250 for the Epi and then maybe upgrade as a Gibson isn't in the equation right now.
what amp are you using??

no matter what pickup, or what guitar you play, if you got a different amp, itll be close to impossible to emulate slash's tone. Also, you gotta upgrade your fingers to slash status! :P

if you wanan cheap out, and you only got 250, best bet is to get new pickups. Epi pickups tend to be muddy. 250 wont get you a good enough amp, or a gibson,

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$250 isnt going to get you anything that will get you a Slash sound. Youre better off getting a cheap multi-fx pre-amp with a Slash pre-amp or something.

Pickups arent the thing to replace if you want to change your sound completely. That list would a little something like:

for 250 you can get Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro Pickups-------the same ones slash uses in the bridge and neck. ive got them in my les paul and they sound perfect. thats about as far as 250 will take you. to get an amp like slash's, youll need atleast 600.
Right now, I have an old Crate G40XL, which is about 17 years old if I had to guess. I remember when I got it back in around '89 or so it was the "Amp of the Year" and cost around $400 on sale.

It needs a serious cleaning and sometimes won't play anything through it when I plug in the cord as though it's not fitting in there solid or something. It needs some work for sure as it was stored in an old porch for 5-6 years with no real temperature control or anything. I know it's a far stretch from a Marshall, but is there anything I can use in conjunction with an amp like this to get that sound with the Epi?
Vox Valetronix, your best bet.
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and as mentioned before slash does use Alnico pro 2's
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^ youre going to need a lot more than 600 to get an amp like Slash's...

Well, 800 isn't *that much* more...
What about something like the Marshall AVT50? Would that be a decent amp for the money? Also, in terms of the Vox, is there a specific model you'd recommend?

My budget might be between $300-400, but I certainly would consider getting something used to get a little better amp.

I realize I'm not going sound just like Slash, but given the budget constraints($600-$700 for both a used Epi LP and amp), I'm just curious how close I can get.

Thanks for your suggestions.
I'd stay away from Marshall unless you're looking at JCMs, otherwise you'll just be disappointed.

Two great Vox amps are the AD50VT and the AD60VT, though the 60 is a bit out of your price range.

For a more Marshally sound, maybe you should look at the Traynor YCV series, the 50BLUE in particular.
i got the alnico pro 2's on my epiphone lp custom, they are awesome, i need a better amp tho =[
Closest you'll get to Slash's tone on a 1Kish budget:

Agile AL 2500-3500 series, 3000 would be best. I believe they come stock with Alnico IIs.

As danno mentioned: Traynor YCV50 Blue. Grab it used on ebay for 550.

You'll need a chorus and delay pedal as well.
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Well, 800 isn't *that much* more...

Yeah but I meant SLASH'S AMP. lol

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