Hey guys, just wanna take a survey here. Half the people I've asked have said Line 6, the other half have said Randall. But I've only asked about 6 people. So here's a little survey. Which is better?

Line 6 Spider II


Randall RG series?

Randall definetely. I hear those Spiders suck arse.

I have both a podxt and a variax though and I love them both, so Line 6 isn't THAT bad
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Line 6. they are definately alot more versatile. And they have the most distortion out of any other amp i've heard. I played on a Randall at a gig once and it sounded like ****. I would have used my Spider II head but the asshole was rushing us to play.
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Quote by demonspeeding05
And they have the most distortion out of any other amp i've heard.

You need to get out more...
heh, well personally, i kinda like randall better. i think its more suited to my style (metallica-esque). i feel as though the gain is quite saturated and a tight enough for a good punch in the face kinda tone. never really played a line 6, but i hear it's alright.
Line 6 amps are good for dropping out of planes to watch them go boom.
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Randall. Just in case you didn't read that, Randall.
I've heard(and experienced) that the RG100 is better than the 75, so keep that in mind.
Randall. To to the gear forum if you wanna talk to people that are passionate about hating the Spider II
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