Anyone know of any good amp brands that compare to the likes of the Mesa Boogie Rectos? If someone says Marshall I'm going to scream. Thanks in advance. Oh and if you were wondering what kinda of music the amp is being used for, it's an experimental/ post hardcore/ death metal band, but the amp needs to have a wide variety of uses, because we mix it up.

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peavey also has a few amps with a good hardcore sound, i know throwdown uses them. look into the 6505 or the xxx
id say a peavey 5150, maybe an ashdown fallen angel etc..id say peavey 5150 used on ebay or 6505 would be ur best bet
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krank (eww, but you may like them)
genz benz
hughes and kettner

probably more, but that's all I can think of off-hand
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I recommend Marshall =P

Nah but seriously.... The Peavey 5150/6505 is a dark sounding amp... So I recommend them.
If you're looking for something that sounds similar to a Mesa Recto, look at Peavey's XXX. It's got a similar sound and it's a whole lot cheaper.
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