im thinking about buying a Traynor Custom Valve 50BLUE YCV50BLUE but have a few questions. Is this amp loud enough for medium sized gigs or would i be better off buying the 80w traynor amp? and if anyone has played this amp what do yall think of it. I havent had a chance to play it cause all the guitar stores around me dont carry traynor amps. thanks
No way, the 50 is pleanty for a gig, the facility should have a P.A. so you can simply mic it up. The 50 is a great amp by the way.
^A lot of reviews say the projection of that thing is great as it is. It should hold its own as far as gigging, but the ext cab will just make it sound nicer.
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any 50watt valve amp is plenty loud. I doubt that you will turn it past 5. They use Vox Ac30's at big gigs remember
The 50 is a better all around amp anyways. It's plenty loud, trust me. I love mine. It's got a ton of features, and the tones are great. It also has more gain than the 80 does.
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another thing to remember is the 80 and 50 will sound different, as they have different power tubes. 50 watts should be plenty, so it's more a case of whether you're going for a marshally (50) tone or fendery (80) tone.

And if you're going for the fendery tone, the 40 watt version would probably be plenty...
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