Okay here are some things that will help any begginer guitarist, this is what I have done and within a year of playing I was better than a lot of people who have played more than 3 years of their lives.

1- When you first start playing guitar, simply get to know it. Learn where the notes are and what the different parts of the guitar are. This will help when you go to learn a song or go to buy another guitar.

2- You should spend as much time as possible practising guitar. I spend about 2 hours a day playing songs, and about another hour or two practising scales. But when you first start it's relaly your choice to figure out what you want to start off practising, you may find it better to learn songs first, or to learn scales. It's all about what you feel you have the ability to do. I started off leanrin some simple songs and then started to learn scales. It may be better to learn at least 1 scale before really playing any songs, playing a scale will help inprove your speed, and sound with a guitar.

3- There is no such thing as someone who is BAD at guitar. Many people find that after playing a few months they feel like they haven't learnt much or that they are not getting better. This is normal and you shouldn't let it bother you, just keep trying. Anyone can play a guitar with some practise.

4-When you first start you should also learn some basic guitar techniques like bending, vibrato, hammering on and pulling off, and also sliding of course. Learning and doing these things when you first start will help when you are playing a song and se something in tab like 5b, or 5th fret bend.

5-As my old football coach said, "Practise does not make perfect, PERFECT practise makes perfect." This is true, ismply playing the guitar a few minutes will not help, practising good posture, techniques, and practising for at leats an hour a day will help you become that great guitarist you dream of being.

6-Song's do not determine how good you are, many guitarists think because they can play somone else's music that their good. This is not true, instead learn songs to help you analyze guitar theory. Then try writing a simple song of your own using what you've learnt so far. It could also just be a simple tune. Doing this will make you a better guitarist, and after a while of doing this you'll notice that your songs will get more and more complicated and that instead of using just a few notes you'll be using a multitude of notes and techniques to create a song. MAKING YOUR OWN MUSIC MAKES YOU A BETTER GUITARIST. Also after a while you'll notice that this music will just start coming to you instead of having to tke time to think you'll be able to sit down and roll off some notes into a quick melody.

7-Make sure that when you start playing guitar you sample many different playing styles, music styles, ext. This will help you decide what YOU like to play. Some may find that they like listening to one style of music and playing another. This may be becuase you find it easier or you like the feel. For instance I like Nirvan music and though I do play it, I like playing newer alternative and old rock more than I like playing Nirvana. Also realise how if you play one style of music al ot you'll sound hat way, nad if you listen to another style you may mesh it and make a totally new sound and style.

I hope this helps any begginer guitarists. And I know this should be i nthe lessons but I figured it wasn't good enough. Tell me if you think different.
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good way to look at it. you're a good guitar player if you ENJOY what you are capable of playing.