Do you think it's more of an advantage to have larger hands or smaller hands when learning guitar or bass.

Personally I have smaller hands and although that does prevent me from doing certain things it doesn;t hinder my playing and also i find it's taught me how to use my pinky quite well. also a smaller hand would naturally have more dexterity.

I think once you've learned up to a certain level this is a moot point but strictly beginning whats the advantage.
I don't think it really matters. I know a guitairst who has REEEEAAALLLLLYYYY small hands and he is one of the best guitarists in my school. I have bigger hands and it is probabaly better to have big hands for bass and small hands for guitar chords since my finger are to big to twist them around into the positions for guitar chords.
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wel you can reach farther. but I have massively long fingers that don't match my palm. So I seem to have a feeling of being uncomfortable when playing because they just drape over the fretboard. I got usd to it and used to my advantage. I depends
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umm smaller hands equal not only a smaller wanker but worse playing using your pinkey is fine and great i personally use it alot more than some of my other fingers but what good is it if you cant do any sort of a streach with it
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"No man ever won a war by dying for his country, he did so by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his."
I have small hands, and I don't have much trouble playing, althogh power chords can be uncomfortable at times, and I usually just play them barred(which might be how some other people do it, I'm really not sure).
The size of your hand does not matter unless you cannot get your hands over the neck, Stretch is all that matters dude!! trust me ! i dont have huge hands and of course i've been discouraged before about it! but no man its all about stretch (which you will build up over time!!)
There are different neck sizes to help with that. You can get a thin C shape neck for small hands or a wider V shape for huge hands.
my little finger is only 4.7 cm I find it really hard as the neck gets wider