To go along with my Triple Recto. I have the rackspace, Im getting a Furman power conditioner (with the cool little pop-out lights) and a good rackmounted tuner.

Im not going for a top-o-el-line thing...something mid-range and sensable.

Roctron Xpression is what I had in mind. Anyone have one er something? Can I controll all the FX via midi-footswitch? If so what kind of footswitch would I need?

AND THEN!!!! When I get it...should it all be in the FX Loop or inbetween the guitar and amp?

TC electronics makes good rack effects. Ever heard of the G Major?
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^ yeah Im checking it out right now lol wierd. Sounds awesome. Im still wondering if it would sound best in my loop or after my guitar...
Yeah its pretty much down to the Roctron Xpression and teh G-Major. Midi footswitches for both are like 150 bucks.

Which Korg tuner exactly? I have little experiance with rackmounted tuners...