I am thinking of getting a new guitar. I think i want to get either a ephphone sg special or a epiphone les paul standard. which one is better? i like metal bands like metallica and black sabbath.
what about the lp special? how does that compare with the sg special? the lp standard is a little more expensive
Yeah, go for the SG, but don't get the special like the guy above me says. The SG seems like it would be best because Tony Iommi plays one.
special literally means "special" (as in retarted eg. he is a very "special" boy or the epi LP special is a "special" guitar) stay away from tha specials
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Well, just google epiphone sg standard and find the cheapest one....But I really reccomend you try it in a shop.
get the Epi Iommi SG...It's a little more expensive but its got Gibson pick-ups and it plays great...My friend has one and I loved it when I played it...and if not yeah def. get a standard...specials suck...just an opinion of course...good luck with your pick...
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The SG seems like it would be best because Tony Iommi plays one.

I'm glad you have such a solid basis for your opinion.

Standard anythings tend to be better and Epiphones are a good quality instrument for the cost. However, choosing between an LP and an SG is mostly a matter of personal preference. The LP is a much thicker cut of wood and therefore is much heavier than the SG which is very light. Because it's made of a bigger piece of wood, the LP sustains a bit more and many players prefer it's "natural sound" over that of the SG. The downside, some people find that playing with the LP standing up for an extended period of time is murder on the back and shoulder. Also, the LP's shape naturally makes it more difficult to reach the higher frets, and the thicker neck makes for a playability that takes some getting used to. I prefer the SG simply because I like the way it plays and looks better.

[edit] all of this info relates to actual Gibson products, not Epiphone. But I'm pretty sure it all applies to Epi's as well.
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Get an Agile AL2500 or 3000. It'll be worth it. Higher quality guitars. One that'll last you a long time too.

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