Well folks...Ive wanted an Ibanez for awhile and I aint got alot of money to spend..and i was just wondering what you're thoughts were on this wonderful guitar.

Ibanez RG321

Im guessing it's overall quality is good because of the mahogany body. But I think it might need a pickup swap. Any help would be great.

Get it, and some new pickups, there're already tons of threads about this.
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BUY IT!! it is a GREAT guitar the play is amazing on it, the sound and tone is killer, Keep the pickups, the stock pickups are actually nicer than people think, but down the road replace it with Diamarzio or Seymour duncan or if you are really interested get EMG's. But yeah, buy the guitar, you will not regret it
Meh, it felt cheap when I played it, maybe cause I'm used to a powerful, sturdy guitar like my LP, nor do I like thin necks. But if you like it, go ahead.
It has a Wizard II neck, which is extremly fast, very nice, You can do some serious shredding with it. For its price, it's Gods guitar.
everyone seems to have good reviews on this guitar so it would be a wise choice.
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