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To Pen The Name
4 44%
She Is...
2 22%
Dan And Laurie In The Gunga Diner
0 0%
On Love And Life And Which To Reside
3 33%
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To Pen The Name

Lend your mind a fortnight?s time
To the passage of a dream;
A steady flow of consciousness
That?s rarely what it seems.
Hear what you may;
Hear what I say
And take note of what you like.
Defend the mean,
Commend the end
Or denigrate the Reich.

And listen as the reaper, Time,
Pays homage to the dead
Through cryptic melodies in rhyme
And allegories in red.
From forkèd tongue
To iron lung
Heed to his visionary breath.
The mountaintops,
And pleasure domes
Transcend beyond your death;

Emerge untouched,
You recollect;
The past and future merge.
Sway left and right,
Embrace the night;
Fall victim to the dirge.


She Is...

She stands on the edge of sanity
The waves of euphoria crash at her feet
She feels salvation brush past her
But she doesn?t care
She?s a child of nature
You can?t tell her what to do
She?s independent and free

Lapis lazuli line the path
Shining it?s rich blue in her eyes
But she doesn?t mind
After all, she put them there
In her head of course

Nighttime comes with a whip of her tongue
This gypsy child is all but fun and games
Protecting those who need it most
Against those who delve in dark arts

A lullaby show and she?s almost home
She can see the multitude amass
Precarious on the stepping-stones
Faultless on the ragged path
She defeated insanity
She bathed in euphoria
This dirty, gypsy child.


Dan And Laurie In The Gunga Diner

I met her in El Alamein
She looked awkward,
Flinching and scraping her nails,
Next too true beauties

A friend said she had a crush
So I tried to be nice
But showed no interest,

She was an attractive girl
Her body misshapen, but
Correctly curvy.
Her breasts hung loose
Not ample like most.
Her nose and lips
Stained red like
Losts mittens
Drifts of snow
Her legs, chicken wire
Without a home to wrap themselves around

She talked to me twice
In scorching literary heat
Both times
Her sarcast stained monotone
An oasis

I read her poetry, clutched
In spite and every other ingredient
A strange unique girl
Is suppose to possess

I left the desert
With her barren sex
Pinned heavy on the bud of my nipple

Two years later,
I felt a pinch in my chest
I took off my shirt and folded it
In Vienna?s boisterous streets
And in linear fashion
I heard scattered voices
And followed their vowels to her fingertips

Her fingers tips,
Above them her chest swayed
Like scarecrow limbs

I dreamt of how many times I had made love
And out of my mouth poured an ounce of sand

El Alamein.


On Love And Life And Which To Reside

When the hands of time have elipsed and revolutionized,
and the rich have realized and reached a surmountable epiphany,
towers topple and fall and leave awe in the eyes of many.

When the planets allineate and circle and astound,
the poor dwell in de-meaning hearts and hoped-for lives,
while the world moves and changes to the sound of a rich tune.

When ravaged waters pound and pulsate scattered shorelines,
winding and curving and finding their way between grains,
etches of time are revealed in the esoteric epitaph below.

And with such a transposition of love and life,
we find the etches of time have begun to decay.
And i begin to notice that time has finally taken my love away.
And as my oblivion approaches it can not decide
between love and life,and in which to reside.
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