i'm lying on the ground, been eyes wide open for to long
i take a look around me, your the only one that i can see
i wonder what your thinking, while your lying flat out next to me
if our thought are anything alike, then my stakes are higher then they've ever been
so take me to the next scene

he got in our way
we were flying solo
to this day i stand my case
for every time i call your name
i kno the truth will go my way
dont let the worse realese into you

been sleeping in a daze, i wake up and hope that i was saved
from this empty minded thinking thats been puzzled up inside of me
i sink down at the sight of good things turning bad for me
i cant say this is the first time but the rest of this is to unwind
so take me to the next scene

this time, my life
i got my self into this and we'll both get out alive
the line, crossed twice
i'll forget if you forget we'll both be in a tragic state