I just recently (today) got the complete DiMarzio Evolution set of pickups. I want to put them in my H-S-H Ibanez, but I'm just a little nervous. I've soldered things before and I don't really expect it to be difficult. But, I would still like some help. So if anyone can post an in-depth website link, or post if they wanted to, that would be great.

(An article on pickup changes should be put in lessons or columns)

This just occurred to me, could I unscrew my old pickups, cut the wires then splice in my Evos and screw them back down?
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Well, there should be directions with your soldering iron and a diagram with your pickups. If you actually read the material that came with your pickups, you'll find it very informative.
Hi, I'm Peter
Well, I'll look again. But I didn't see anything but pickup and card board in the box...
Oh really? Well, I know DiMarzio.com has really good diagrams. If you go to the website, click on the Evolution, they'll have diagrams for whatever set up you're doing. That's where I got the instructions for my H-H-H mod.
Hi, I'm Peter
Well for whatever reason, my computer won't pull up the pdf files I'm looking for. So, I'm back to square 1. ANyone know of a pickup tutorial?

unfortunately projectguitar.com was a no go... sigh
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