Hey man. Damn this is a pretty cool tune. I loved the beginning riff and the overall feel to the song was very upbeat and cool. The guitar playing was excellent and the rhythm section was solid. The vocals are also pretty good.

The best thing about this was the guitar solos. I liked how they were frequently in the song. You guys are obviously very talented. I guess the only negative was the drums were hard to hear, but it's nothing too bad.

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Really solid guitar playing, and great vocals. Nice to hear a singer with emotion in his voice and that isn't whiney. Excellent job! What kind of guitar/amp setup are you using?

Very very nice!
I like everything about it!
I especially enjoy that you used a different riff in the 12 bars. The regular one is overplayed (da da duh duh da da duh duh)
The solo sounds very good, great tone and fierce playing.
the only problem with the entire thing was the ambient crowd noise, but I'm sure you know that. Excellent!

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... ah, the bliss of ignorience!
Very "bluesy". Nice tone on the lead.

Whoever did the recording for you should be shot though. They need to sit down and listen to what they're mixing. I guess that comes with experience and equipment though.

Damn... the lead player just fell down and he can't get up. He lost it big time, but seeing as its live... at least he didn't just stop cold and get that "wait a sec... let's play that part again" look on his face. (like I can see it)

Its not a bad little tune, but you already know the recording quality blows and the lead player fell flat on his face in more than just a couple of places.
it was ripped off a video camera =P thats why its so bad

So I fell on my face? There are a couple places where I wasnt paying attention so I had to bend to get it in tune... But that's the best part about live tunes
Yeah, this has a nice groove to it. Reminds me of Hendrix a bit. Good lead playing there. The rhytym guitar behind the vox was quite bad though. Good vox, love the voice.

Like Bill said, it's a cool little bluesy tune.

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