There is one thing i have to ask.. is it a tube amp? or one of thoes hybrid things like vox ad amps?

I am up grading from a crate 65gt adn was wondering if this was a good choice? i can get one for a bit cheaper here for about 400 canadian shipped.

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Randall RG series are solid states i believe. but dont get me wrong, i just played one today (well yesterday, the 14th =p) and its REALLY GOOD!! especially if youre goin for that heavy tone. nice saturated gain and pretty much one of the only combos thatll actually get you to where you need at an affordable price. and thats a pretty good price at musicians friend. my advice is, try it out. if you play metal or hardcore, im sure youll like it. it can be used for all round too, but you should really try it at guitar center or somethin.
no it is not tube and it is one of the least vesitle amps I have ever played
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It's solid-state, incredibly NOT versatile, and has an awesome metal tone. I strongly recommend it if you want to sound like Pantera, but not if you want to sound like anyone else.
I have the RG100G3. And I'm pretty sure it's a hybrid. It says tube/mosfet all over it and their site leads me to believe it's a hybrid. It's definitely a great amp. It's not completely as un-versatile as Danno suggests but it's definitely made for metal. You should try it out though before you buy it. Tom Lee Music carries them so go in and make sure you like it before forking out the dough.