That pedals sounds better on tubeamps? for example, if i up graded my crate gt65 to a valveking would my Ubermetal, Hyper Phase, and Badhorsie wah sound better?
Fuzz sounds good with Tube Amps.

Just listen to Hendrix.
Well....yes. But because a tube amp is about a billion times better than a SS, not because it 'drives the tubes' although this may occur if using an 'overdrive' rather than standard distortion pedal anyway...
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you guys do know that if you put an overdrive in front of a already overdriven tube amp, you'll get feedback very easily (even if the gain on your overdrive pedal is closed)?

Personally I think not all tube amps sound good with pedals, nor do all SS amps.
well then again i recently heard a boss gt8 with a small peavey solid state amp and to be precise it was craptastic now i think everyone is full aware of the potential of the boss gt8 pedal but seriously it was a huge let down. so yes
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You don't want to use a distortion pedal with a tube amp...you'd want to get an overdrive to boost into high gain territory.

But yet, a better amp will bring more out in the rest of your pedals!

That's not really true. A lot of people (myself included) use a distortion pedal in front of tube amps all the time.
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Most solid state distortion will actually sound damn good thru a tube amp. The real 'tube tone' people search for comes from the power amp, not the preamp. But settings that are used for distortion on a solid state amp probably won't work as well on a tube amp and will require considerable tweaking, because you also have to contend with the power tube distortion which isn't present in a solid state amp.

However, the best distortion you can get is from an all-tube amp.
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