I was just wondering how well the artcores handle hard rock.

I am thinking of getting one and i just want to know how far i will be able to take it. I will not be playing any crazy metal type stuff like pantera or Slayer. I just want to know if it can handle some stuff like Hendrix or RHCP or even Led Zepplin?

Also what would be a good amp for around $75 to $100 that could better the sound of the artcore?
yes it can, well the AWD-83 anyway, the jazzboxes wont do it as well, but the thinner ones (like i said the AWD-83) will. My friend just got one, and it does that well.
And you wont get a good amp for that much, stretch a bit more and get a vox valvetronix series amp, like the Vox AD-30VT, thatll do you the world of good.
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the AGS83B looks like it can handle rock of course depending on your amp decides on how much bite it will have