what should i use to make a mirror pickguard? like, chrome or aluminium, or hell even a real mirror. whats the most used and do i go about making it?
how much am I looking at for chrome paint? and for the piece of plastic, i can use my old pickguard, right?
you could most likely use your old pickgaurd. as for mirror im not sure , you should probably head down to www.projectguitar.com and see if they have any tutorials im sure i seen something to do with mirror on there if not then you could always buy a mirror scratchplate/pickgaurd from www.axesrus.co.uk or check UG's forums to see if theres anything in there
I think you can get mirrored plastic, pretty sure i had some at one stage. Go to a plastic specialist and find out.
I always thought that an actual mirror would look wicked for a pickguard. I don't know if it would hold the pressure from the screws, or if you could cut it without it breaking.
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