hey this is my first post so i figured id save the emo rants for another day.

anyway i have played guitar for about 2 years, but recently started playing bass in a band. i can play what they play well, but its usually just doubling the rythm guitar part, and im looking for a book or dvd or something thated give me some basics so i could fancy up the bass lines and learn some techniques too. does anyone know of any good ones? the double hand tapping videos online just didnt do it for me.

one book is called "Building Bass Lines," it's really helpful. Look through all Mel Bay books for some that you'd like, theyre all very helpful.
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There are some basic videos on YouTube you can look at and theres a little book I have called "Progressive Bass" that teaches you beginner to advanced techniques.

On a side note, start an emo-bash thread and prepare to get it closed. We've had so many of those they're getting annoying.
i agree. that was sarcasm, im sick of them too. Thanks for the info ill check those out
you're probably doing fine. the main difference, in the beginning, between bass and rythm is when, they play their notes. the rythym sets the melody, along with the lead,
while the bass sets the beat, along with the kick drum. the rythm sets the root note, but the bass plays in sync with the drummer. many of us here, started on guitar.
keep at it !