I've been looking for a guitar to have fun with.. something with the exact features of the ibanez RG series to be honest.. The whammy bar, the 5-way puickup selection, the slick neck, the amazing look and something I can easily shred on. . but sadly Ibanez hate simplicity so there are over 30 models to chose from >.<

Could somebody give me some advice as to which one would be good for something like Vai or petrucci but I could still play metal with, preferably in a black colour..

Thanks ^_^
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I prefer mahogany aswell to be quite honest =p
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Maybe something from the S series?
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Cool, thanks Lagrance.

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possibly.. but I love the feel and shape of the RG series
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Im buying one soon, I still need to think more. lol
Rg3120 or the RGT but theyre expensive...... they made with mahogany.
Just an influence.
RGA121, looks like "teh sex"
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Prestige models are ones you should be looking at otherwise anything lower than that the trem may not last for a long time. but how much is your budget? and what amp do you use?