I own an Ibanez GRX40 guitar, and it was completely fine and excellent value for its price until I decided to raise the action without knowing what I was doing. This happened quite a while ago, but it still hasn't been able to be fixed. The intonation is seriously wrong, despite my best efforts to do all of that bridge-tampering stuff. In my random quest to raise the action, I also played around with the truss rod.

However, my local guitar store is highly friendly, and offered to fix my guitar's fret buzz for free. While they were at it, they also agreed to check the intonation.

To this day, it's still terrible. Is my guitar beyond repair, or do I need to buy specialised equipment in order to fix the action/truss rod/whatever properly?
Where is the guitar now? issit with you?
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Take your guitar in and tell your guitar tech/luthier that you need a complete set-up------relief/truss rod, intonation,and string height. It won't be free, but when you get your guitar back it will be set up YOUR way, and it will play better than it ever has before
I have this guitar (well, the 140, which is the same just older, the took away the 1). And the intonation is horrible, and its near impossible to adjust anyway, its just the guitar dude, its cheap but good quality, but eventually crapness takes its toll. I keep it for friends to play and because it was my first guitar...
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I see. That's what I feared, but it certainly explains a lot. Does anyone know if the Epiphone G-310 and G-400 have similar problems? How about the lower end of the more prestigious B.C. Rich Warlock and Beast series?