As some may figure out, this is a song that is to the tune of 'That's Amore', I was supposed to write a pretty long speech for my friend Natalie's 21st birthday, but the speech didn't come out right, so I made up this song for her. I want you to tell me what you think before I tell her about it. Oh, if anyone in NZ is reading this, I wonder if Glen Osbourne ever written the full version of 'That's (Adam) Parore'. And unlike the original, verse two is not a repeat of verse 1
(In Vermonti, where snow is king, when you need help, here?s what they say)

When the ball?s hits your thigh, and you need a goal on the fly?
Call Nat Donzé (Please don?t call me.)
When there?s trouble and strife, and you?ve too much to whine
Call Nat Donzé (Not Parore)
She once came on a cast or sling, healing all my pain
And I sang ?Si, Eureka?
I then gave her a hug and say, in a grateful way,
Whispered ?Hope you feel better.?

When tequila makes you cool, just like la color azul
That?s Nat Donzé.
If you could come with me and just waltz to the beats
I?d feel loved.
When you first heard her voice, tryin? to figure where she?s from?s confusing.
Scuzza me, but you see, back in old Vermonti
Came Nat Donzé.

When the water hits your face and you show too much grace
That?s Nat Donzé (that?s Nat Donzé
When the life on a beach is not far out of reach
That?s Nat Donzé (that?s Nat Donzé
She once came in the pouring rain, looking tired and drained.
And I lend her my sweater (her my sweat-, her my sweater)
I repaid what she did for me, all her noble deeds
And the storm?s not a bother.
(Minor matter)

When there?s too much to do, just when you?re feeling blue
Call Nat Donzé (Not Parore}
Hope I see you on slopes gliding on ice and snow
Like a dove
I may talk in my dream, but you know, she does exist, signore
Scuzza me, toast for me, praise that old Vermonti
Had Nat Donzé. (Nat Donzé
That?s Nat Donzé
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