right, ive been playin since march (alot of practise) and i feel im pretty decent now considering the time ive been playin (i can play fade to black and master of puppets complete) and im lookin to get a second guitar but i dont have alot of cash,
i was originally going to get an epiphone g400 SG but i am tempted by ibanez's due to the price and the fact ive been told you get alot for your money with them(also they may help with playing faster?), the only thing is i play a few different styles of music

i play your typical metal (Metallica and stuff like SOAD) but i also play RHCP and Jimmy Eat World, and classic rock (like AC DC Black Sabbath Thin Lizzy) anyways im in northern ireland so there arent many local shops, so an online retailer would be best http://www.playrecord.net/ has free shipping so if you could find anythin on that thats good.

i got a budget of £230 cos thats the price i can get the SG for and if i cant get anythin cheaper than that ill get it but what im asking is would i be suited to an ibanez and if so what are the best ones in my price range, also would i have to kiss goodbye to playing RHCP and stuff like that and just play metal if i got 1 or can they handle it)
ive posted this in the electric guitar forum with no responses so i moved it here wots wrong, am i making no sense or something, :S
try squier telecaster custom. only $200 (american money) and it plays great for the price
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RG321MH, then upgrade the pickups.
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