im going to get a bass soon but i need to know what the difference between a jazz bass a regular.

please help

thanks- ben

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Jazz bass

it's all to do where the pickups are situated really.
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Tere all rong A jazz bass loses tone when u go down the thert

Spell check please k thx.

Pickup location is what makes the difference.
ok so now which one (jazz or normal) in which brand eg. fender ibanez etc. is better

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Um there isn't a "normal" bass, a Jbass isn't just for jazz (in fact it was called a jazz bass in order to appeal to double bass players).

A jazz bass will have two single coil pickups, one in the middle, one near the bridge.

A precision style bass (what Im assuming you think is a "normal" bass) has a split-coil (single coil wired to sound like a humbucker) pickup in the middle.

Then there is the stingray style bass which has a soapbar pickup near the bridge which is two single coil pups wired together in humbucking mode, and can also be adjusted individually; this is what an active bass pickup usually is.

Then there are passive humbuckers for basses which (to me at least) sound like beefier single coil pups, these are usually found on Ibanez, Schecter, and Gibbos and the like.

Also it doesn't hurt to do some research by yourself, christ its not that hard to find.
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