ok well i resently got this guitar from an overseas seller .this is my first ever electric and iv been doing acustic for 1.5 years and my new electric looks bent in the neck as the strings at the top look like they are supposed to but at the bottom they are really far off and i can stick my fingers underneath it

is it a cricteristic of the guitar or should i get it cheked out by a proffesional?
Check the neck relief.

To do this, simply fret the 1st fret of the low E string and fret the 16th/17th fret, where the neck meets the body. See the 8th fretwire, there should be a leverage of at least 0.3-0.5mm between the string and the fretwire (or approx a credit card's thickness). You can capo the 1st fret and measure with a ruler or feeler gauge if you want more accurate.

If the strings are dampened and lay dead, then you dont have any neck relief, but i doubt that you will see this. You're probably gonna see that the string is higher than it should be. You should adjust your truss rod, but guessing that you're new, probably you should take it to a shop, but if you insist on adjusting yourself, then repost.
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Thats what she said...
you might hav bowed ( is that how u spell it???) ur guitar??
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yer thanks guys i think ill just take it into a shop cause i have absolutely no idea wat im doing lol