Whats a good album to start out with from Robert Cray? I have Showdown and that pretty much got me into Albert Collins and Johnny Copeland too. SO what albums do you recommend from all 3 of them? thanks
Blues are easy to play but hard to feel.

-Jimi Hendrix
Strong Persuader and Bad Influence are good ones from Robert Cray. There's also a greatest hits out called Heavy Picks if you want to go that route. I can't really say for the other two since I've never bought an album by them.
I suggest strong persuader.

I think Robert Cray is more about the "song" than theblues ...if you know what i mean.
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I believe I reccomend you some of Johnny's records before, shoot for stuff like Flyin' High and Catch Up With the Blues.

For Albert, you'd want to too look into stuff like Frostbite, Cold Snap and Ice Pickin'.

And with Robert, well you cant go wrong anywhere, he's never put out a dissapointing record (neither of the 3 have, to be honest). I do agree with the fact where Robert is a bit more on the Soul side, but its still great stuff. Whatever you can get your hands on will do you fine, but look for stuff like I Was Warned, Dont Be Afraid of the Dark, Strong Persuader, & Sweet Potato Pie.