I own a Epiphone Flying V, and I was considering changing pickups. Do you think I'd get a better tone if I put real Gibson pickups in it? (I thought about putting a 496T in the bridge)
I was also considering putting active pickups in it (the Zakk Wylde set, 81/85) or a DiMarzio Super distortion, but I heard that cleans (even if I don't play clean that much) suck with it. Considering I play many kinds of rock, but I love the heavy sound and put it almost everywhere, what would you do? And also, do you think that the epiphone pickups I have in it are any good, I mean, is it worth changing them?
I have a Gibson V and the pickups are fantastic, but I wouldn't put Gibson humbuckers in. Go for the EMG's.
Maybe a JB/Jazz set? and if you do go for actives go for the 81/60 (the 60 does better cleans than the 85)
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