Grass Roots?
I don't know what that is, but you can find info about Kirks signature's on www.ESPguitars.com
You can find more info on all of his other stuff on www.encycmet.com, just click the "Equipment" link.
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i havent found info on the grassroot Kirk sig and most likely their probably isnt one. otherwise have fun trying to find imo its easier to acquire an Edwards compared to a Grass Root and not to mention how low end they are even though they use good wood
it does exist, I don't want one I just wanted to find about it because I've never heard of grass roots before
well its like this

ESP Customs > ESP Standard Series > Edwards > LTD Deluxe > Grassroots > LTD lower than 400

seriously thats how it goes. and from all my research they are cheap very very cheap but hey the wood aint great either but it still does work
Well I have the full ESP japan catolog from japan, and theres no kirk hamet sig, i dont even think there are sig guitars in edwards and grassroots.