I changed the strings on my guitar but not the gauge of them and now no matter how high i put the bridge ( well within reason, i didnt put it all the way up as i wudnt be able to play it) i get fretbuzz when i play 1st fret on most of the strings.

Is there a way to raise my nut or do i need to loosen the truss rod?
i think you'll have to purchase a bigger nut because the nut is set and there is no way to adjust it...the truss rod might work, but i'm not to keen on messing with it because if you don't do it correctly you'll screw up the guitar permanently...they have different size nuts, just take it to a guitar shop and they should be able to measure it and find a good replacement
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I have no response, but great thread title. I wondered why it was in electric guitar forum for a split second.
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This is probably going to be a truss rod adjustment------If you are getting a buzz from a string that is fretted then the nut is a non issue, it is behind your finger. The buzz would be somewhere between the fret you are at and the bridge. Are you sure the string guage is the same?
If you think your nuts are too low now, wait till you're 60. lol

Seriously though, you don't need a new nut. Sounds like you just need to give your guitar a full setup, including adjusting the truss rod. If you don't know how to do it, bring it to a shop and have it done by a pro.
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If its buzzing only when i play 1st fret then i shd only need to loosen the truss rod a bit. Shouldn't I?
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