Because it's ugly, crappy hardware, made in some third world country and a trem that will crap out quicker than you can say "I wish i hadn't wasted my money".
its not a floyd rose....or I should say its not an original. That looks just like the licenced floyd rose on my RG320dx, which I believe is an edge pro II, one of the crappiest ones.

Yea it works alright i guess, for the money anywayz. Yea mine stays in tune, but its a bitch to tune.

And also humbuckers are not anything expensive. If a guitar site doesnt mention a type or a brand for the humbuckers, then they are just cheap ones. But nice ones are obviously expensive.
Well i'd say give it a go, since it's made of maho, it should be decent already, go change some pickups and everything and see how it goes.
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Mahogany neck? what are Mahogany necks like?

That means, the whole guitar is made out of 1 piece of wood, the fretboard is rosewood, so I expect it should actually be really decent, except for tuners, strings, FR etc.

Well you could get one, new hardware, FR, pickups and so on and it might be decent.
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It's okay Gabel. You kick ass.

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