heh, how do you not play with feeling?
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i can play with feeling im asking u to describe how to play with feeling as i cant put it into words
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how do you play with feeling?

by feeling the music while you play
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Expressing yourself with different techniques, melodies, riffs, phrasing, etc.

thats kind of it, how you do it, but words couldnt Truly say whats it means to play with feeling and emotion
The feeling is best described in Joe Satriani's "The Feeling" off of "Flying in a Blue Dream"
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Lol, Yngwie Malmsteen has come to our board for advice.

lol, that was pretty funny
Make funny scrunched up faces while you play. That way people will know you're thinking really hard about the music.
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just feel it dude, helps if your particulary angry or emotional, nut theres no set way of playing with feeling, its your own thing that you have to develop
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i can play with feeling im asking u to describe how to play with feeling as i cant put it into words

You can't put it into words... explain it through your guitar.
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Try playing little wing, that is a good song to learn feeling
you got kinda go with the groove, it's easy to get lost on this doing harder songs, like that Canon ROck, i'm trying to get the groove for it you kind of just have to pick it up ... but little wing is agood song to practice

and yes you can learn how to "Feel the music" it just clicks ... for me when i kind of play the song in my head and i can feel how i should put each note
Its pretty hard to get feelings if you're just learning tabs and whatnot. But if you really really like that one particular song/artist, then when you play their song, your head starts to tilt, mouth starts to mutter jibberish, eyes start to squinch, or inhaling and exhaling violently like you're having sex, then yeah, thats feeling "it".

Playing with feeling is more when you create your own stuff, improvise your own stuff or anything that you make to produce music. It can touch your soul in some certain ways or touch other things instead.... This "feel" can make absurd facial expression if too much, for example Vai, and the release of tremendous energy - Yngwie.

Its good to play with feelings, but its better to play it with your ears.
"Play with your ears" - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert
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