hey im new to UG & i just posted a thread yesterday & i got some great replies but the next time i checked it there was only one reply from bill43 with two sites on it & my thread was closed...ive seen some other threads like this too. whats up?
Seeing as you're new here... I've cut you a bit of a break. I'm supposed to warn you. Then when you did it again. Most mods would have banned you... but what good would that have done for either of us?

There are threads with tons of song recommendations in them. It doesn't matter to me if you're male or female... so let's not go there.

Here's the rule... if you're interested:

Acoustic songs - this has been asked a million times so do a search of the forums. In my opinion any good song can be played on acoustic, just because it wasn?t originally played on acoustic doesn?t mean you cant adapted it. Some of the best cover versions I have ever heard are acoustic interpretations of songs. Do not ask for songs. There are thread for these specific questions and answers.... so search for them.

Now on to a bigger problem.

There's a better way to have handled this. Its called a PM, which is an acronym for Private Message. Just click on my name by my avatar and a new screen will appear giving you a little info about me and you'll notice an area that states "Send "that person" a Private Message.

Try to use that and you'll end up being on the "good side" of most of the mods here.

Go ahead and give it a try. You already know my answer, but go for it anyway.