Ive been trying to teach myself for like two years now - and seriously i cant play ANYTHING really, i can do chords and stuff, lil riffs and intros etc but thats it. I tried learning music theory off this site and stuff and i dont get any of it - and its not even like im new to music cos i used to play in an orchestra before. But i dont know what to do cos i just wanna play well - i practice a couple of hours a day i suppose cos its the hols. You'll probs just tell me to practice more but when i do i just get annoyed. Is there any point or shud i just give up???

Sorry for whinging (sp??)
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...find a guitar teacher?
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Find a song that you really, truly like, and could listen to for hours, and learn to play it. It doesn't have to be extremely difficult, just start off easy. Play some Bob Dylan, or Beatles stuff. Remember, you don't HAVE to play the exact, note-for-note song, you can always play along to the song with the chords
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Look into getting a teacher/mentor. Teaching yourself is extremely frustrating, and when you start to slack off or be annoyed, there isn't really anybody to bring you back except yourself. Get a buddy that plays guitar and have them learn stuff with you, so you can lean on each other and have encouragment.
Best of luck.
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Try and play "Grace". Cool intro, and some nice chord slides in the pre-chorus bit. Seriously, most Jeff Buckley will improve some aspect of your playing, "Lover, You Should've Come Over" should improve chord changes as such. Try tabbing out stuff too, you'll learn stuff like intervals, and harmonising.
ooh thanks for replies everyone. was gonna get a teacher - ive been naggin for one for ages, but cant afford it. and none of my friends can be arsed to teach me - seriously the number of people ive asked is insane! but yeah thats ideally what id like but all i can do is internet stuff. and pannako i actually have the jeff songbook, i try to play lil bits out of ther. can play some of lover and the lil intro riff of grace but majority is just to hard but yeah i get what you mean so thanks
?To young to hold on and to old to just break free and run.?

Jeff Buckley
playing along to stuff you like, helps

also when you practice, do warm up exerises first, if you have the time, and you'll see that it helps too... i noticed it one time when i started playing stuff and it sucked and i was getting fustrated; but then just kept fretting around for a while, then got back to some songs and they came out much better

lastly, from me, maybe you just hit a hump, i get to points where i can't get any further (it seems like) so i just practice what i know and eventually when i go back to what i couldnt do, it's easier (just from what i've noticed in my playing)

if nothing helps, just play power chords all angry like and call it punk
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I'd recommend PickNGrins videos off of this site given that you can't afford a teacher (neither can I). For ages I was in the same boat but having someone SHOW you what to do, even via video, is very helpful.
Another thing to try is to play the songs in books or magazines you have and work through them as one whole song but as slow as you need to go, not to learn it but just to practice a few things, and then go back and start to learn it bar by bar at your own pace then slowly speed it up.
If you cannot find a jam partner or a band, try recording yourself and playing along with the recording, or get a drum machine. Digitech's GNX Workstations are not a terrible value; you can alter the tone of your guitar to lay down a bass track, has a drum machine, and can record. I create my own rhythm and bass tracks to a drum pattern and play along with that.