Soon I'm going to start my first guitar-customization project - "Girl in kimono". I have s**ty Ibanez RG 270, black. I want to sand it, paint white and add small picture of well... girl in kimono of course :-) Here is visualization: http://img54.imageshack.us/img54/7602/giguitarminiuh5.jpg
(sorry for bad quality - I'm not good in computer-paiting) My questions for you guys:
1. Does the project look good at all?
2. Isn't it to... hard to do for first time customizer? (my friend - who's studying arts is going to help me with girl's picture)
3. What hardware colours should I use? I'm planning gold bridge (egde pro of course :-), golden Schaller tuners, golden zero fret... And what about pickup rings? Gold, white or maybe black? (I'm going to put white DiMarzio Evolutions)
4. What about head? Should I leave it black, or maybe paint white too?
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The graphic will be hard to paint, unless you are very skilled at painting. I think you should paint the head white, also.

Looks like an interesting build.
I really like the concept! Perfect placement of the girl! I really think you should paint the headstock white. I saw it and the image is perfect for the ibanez. I can't answer any customization questions, as I dont do that, but I love what you're doing. Have fun!
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Sry, works fine now! More comments please! Any ideas for the rest of the guitar's body paiting (horns, rear side)???
wow now when I see it, it's gonna look real nice. get somepne expirienced to paint it.
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That would look awesome. I've always wanted to try to involve anime somehow with my guitar. XD